Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Going To Be A Mrs.! Now What?

So he popped the question! Fabulous! Now what?

Well, first, take a deep breath. Do not give into panic or anxiety. Planning a wedding should be enjoyable!
It's just a matter of taking it one step at a time.

Here are a few of the first steps on your way to a successful wedding:
~Announce your engagement to those "in the know".
~Discuss the budget with anyone contributing.
~Draw up a draft guest list. This way you'll know the size of the venue you'll be searching for. Feel free to implement an "A" and "B" list. The "A" list would be those people that you can't imagine your day without. List "B" would be those people you like but...aren't exactly VIP's.

After you finish these tasks, STOP. Decide whether or not you'd like to hire a wedding coordinator. This would be the ideal time in the planning process to hire a pro to help you coordinate the rest of the details. They will take your hand and lead you the rest of the way. Keep in mind that a coordinator will play many roles. They will be a friend, a sounding board, a voice of reason, a mediator and organizer. Of course, I can't speak highly enough of their services (a little shameless self-promotion) but honestly, they can be a sanity saver! 

If you opt to not hire a coordinator, you'll be fine (perhaps just a bit more frazzled but fine just the same :). You'll want to get started on venue hunting after you have the basics above figured out. The rest of your details will fall into place once you have this vital piece decided on.

But above all, remember to breathe, to laugh & keep in mind that even if you hit road blocks (which you will- it's Murphy's Law) you're a blessed gal who's got her hunny standing next to her, ready to share his life with you. And that's the reason why you're throwing this shindig in the first place!

Congrats, To-Be-Mrs.!

**Photo thanks to Mike Steelman Photographers. This particular shot was a surprise engagement at the ever gorgeous Pebble Beach. How adorable is it that our groom-to-be hired a photographer to capture such a special  moment. What a lucky girl!