Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupid Got Me!

Valentine's Day. I've got a serious love-hate relationship with the day. On one side you've got love, romance, red, pink, glitter, gold, champagne and chocolate. On the other side you have prepackaged, Hallmark style love, pressure, cheesiness and a feeling of "not quite sincere". But, for the sake of pretty style boards, let's be glass-half-full people today, shall we?
A Valentine's Day wedding would be a little tricky. You don't want to go too literal with it and beat your guests over the head with hearts and arrows but on the same token you've got to give a few nods to that little cupid dude.
Today's board is working off the inspiration of those beautiful vintage Valentine's. Think muted reds and pinks with cream and burnished gold. Walk down the aisle in a dress reminiscent of the early 20th century (check out this gorgeous little pretty at BHLDN) to keep with the vintage feel. Top that pretty little head of yours with a sparkly headband (also BHLDN) to finish the look.
Catch Phrases To Plan By: Airy, Romantic (Duh, right?), Muted Reds and Pinks, Cream, Burnished Gold, Hearts, Feathers, Touches of Glitter, Bohemia, 1910-1920 inspired (which we can probably blame on my current obsession with Downton Abbey. Anyone with me?).
General idea...take what we all think of as the generic, over-produced Valentine's Day and tone it down. Hint at Valentine's Day. Don't exclaim it.
Now where's my chocolate?