Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's More Fun Than A DYI Involving Beer? Nothing, That's What.

Today's inpiration is comes from my little brain's inability to shut off at 2am. One of my family members recently became engaged and I, of course, have been itching to get some wedding planning done regardless of the fact that they decided to postpone their big day. If ya'll didn't know...weddings can be expensive for those of us with good taste (it must run in the family!). That and these two have such big hearts that they don't want their parents to have to pay out of their retirements for their dream wedding. Anywho, just because it's postponed a bit doesn't stop me from brainstorming.

A few items that I took into consideration:
  • The bride wants her girls in black they can wear them again. What a sweetie! Got to love a considerate bride!
  • The bride & groom aren't frilly. There will be no pink, no glitter, no feathers.
  • Their main focus is for their guests to have the time of their life, for their families to have time enough to get to know each other and for there to be an open bar.
  • They aren't "ballroom" people so the possible venues have all had a rustic feel to them. For example, Holman Ranch is a contender.
  • They are both foodies & drinkies. And yes, I just coined "drinkies". You're welcome, Websters.
With all of that in mind I put together the following ideas...
  • Rustic Wooden Family Style Tables with Mahogany "Bistro" Chairs & Glass Etched Chargers
  • Floral Arrangements in Old Beer Bottles in Various Glass Colors (Clear, Brown & Green)
  • Cost Effective Flowers (No Peonies Here!) in White/Cream Palette To Include Baby's Breath, Mums and Freesia (To give off that a-mazing scent...I'm a big believer in just a touch of fragrant flowers. It's a memory maker.)
Favorite part of this design? The beer bottles. And since they've postponed the wedding a bit it means they'll have plenty of time to drink all that beer. Pretty sure their friends won't mind helping with that wedding project!