Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peter, Peter...

Y'all, autumn is crazy for me! I've been slacking on these blogs, I know! But I'm back... at least for the moment!

Not only is fall an insane busy time for most of us in the wedding industry but it also happens to be my very favorite time of year. The chilly weather (although we've had quite the Indian summer here this year...hello 90 degree weather. What?), the changing leaves, sweaters, scarves, mulled list goes on and on.

One item on that list of "loves" is pumpkins. Big fat ones, little cute ones, orange ones, white doesn't matter. I think they're adorable. And for my October brides, I love the idea of incorporating these gourds into your big day.

Now, I'm not suggesting least not in the classic sense. Cut pretty designs out, paint them, glitter them, bejewel them. The possibilities are endless! Remember that it's all in the details. Scatter a few lit up pumpkins throughout your event. Down the aisle, on your cocktail tables, lining the back of your escort card table, etc. etc.

Where to find these pumpkins? Make a day of it and go pumpkin picking with your wedding party. I'll be checking out Arata Pumpkin Farm in Half Moon Bay with a few of my besties this Sunday. Photo ops abound! I'm thinking it'll be a really fun memory maker for you & those closest to you. Right?

Pumpkins can be a whimsical, cute and fun touch to your wedding. But if you don't want to go that far with the fall theme then maybe consider a dessert bar with autumnal touches. Mini pumpkin pies, apple tarts and bourbon bread pudding. Yum, right?

As always, have fun with it. Happy Fall, y'all!