Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis' The Season

It's that time of year again. No, not the holiday season. Okay, well I guess it is but what I'm referring to is engagement season! Most proposals happen between Thanksgiving and the New Year (with more than just a few popping up for Valentine's Day). In the spirit of the season I thought to give some helpful tips to some of my future grooms...

1. Capture It! The sad truth is the human brain is like a sieve. Remember the day you first met your lovely lady? Sure. But do you remember each and every detail of that fateful day? Chances are, no. Your engagement is a huge moment for both of you so why not ensure you can remember it forever? Now, not everyone can afford a professional photographer. I know that. However, everyone has someone they know who'd be down to play creeper for a day and hide behind a bush to get the big moment on film. Trust me, your girl is going to be over-the-moon. Not only to marry you but also to find that memory captured forever. **For those of you who can afford to hire a photographer, check out one of my favorites. He loves hiding in bushes. know what I mean ;) Mike Steelman Photographers

2. Generic = No! When you say "proposal" most people get certain images in their heads. Candlelit dinner. Fancy restaurant. Guy pulls out the ring and gets on one knee. Woman puts her hands over her mouth in surprise, says "Yes!". They hug and kiss. Bam. Cue the applause. Here's a secret, my dudes. Every girl wants to be special. In her every day life, she wants to be special. So what makes the proposal any different. Think outside of the box. No woman wants to feel as if you dialed the day she'd dreamed of in. **Check out this video which is a perfect example of non-generic! Surprise Proposal To Bruno Mars' "Marry You"

3. Consult Those Who Know Her Best. Let's take a moment to be real, shall we? There is a very good reason why there is a book out there called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. We're different. And not just in the obvious sense. No, no. Something that you might see as being a totally rad idea might not be what she's always dreamed of. And that doesn't mean you didn't put the right amount of heart into it. It just means you're a guy and you can't always see what her big ol' heart desires most. She's not going to gush to you about what her ideal proposal is. But you know who she would gush to? Her girlfriends. Her mom. Heck, maybe even her dad. After all, he's been living on planet Venus a lot longer than you have! Don't lose the personal touches that will make this you but do touch base with the people whom she would trust with the silliest of romantic fantasies.

4. Too Much? Never! There has been an abundance of You Tube videos showing flash mobs and marching bands used to propose. To a guy you may think 'That is just too much'. Well, friend, I'm here to tell you it's not. Now, I'm not saying that you need to one-up those people on You Tube but I am saying go big. You wouldn't half-ass your relationship so don't half-ass the proposal. This doesn't mean a million roses flown in from Argentina but maybe it does mean a dozen (or two) roses in her favorite color. Maybe not candles on every single surface of the house but maybe a pathway of candles leading to the spot where you'll get down on one knee. Girls are simple. We like pretty. We like sparkle. We like flowers. We like for-thought. Add that all together and you've got yourself a successful proposal.

5. Surprise With a Capital "S"! Another thing women tend to love? Surprises. The bigger the better. A tip? Don't drop hints. We're like bloodhounds. Drop one little hint and we're figuring that ish out in two minutes flat. We hate our detective tendencies that ruin surprises but we can't help ourselves. So keep it hush hush and give her the best surprise of her life.

Above all else, just breathe. When you know, you know. So listen to that heart of yours and make the lady you can't live without yours this season.

Finally, Happy Holidays! Remember the real reason for the