Monday, March 4, 2013

What Is This? Barnum & Bailey's?

Let's have some real talk, shall we? This whole wedding thing can feel a bit like a circus, right? You meet the guy, fall in love, feel those butterflies and before you know it there is a beautiful ring on your finger and the promise of a wonderful life together. Bring on the wedding planning!

Enter the reality. Who knew your parents would invite so many people! And what's your future-mother-in-law's deal about insisting that you have a cake? You and your honey would rather do a tasty dessert bar! Where were all of these opinions when you were just dating?

I have a theory. Once that ring goes on your finger people go a little...crazy. Emotion does funny things and unfortunately, you and your fiance are the ones feeling the brunt of the crazy train. Add in the cost of a wedding and it's enough to make you want to throw in the towel.

Don't fret. Take a few deep breaths and read on...

A few golden rules for planning your perfect day:
1. It's Okay To Say "No". You don't want cake? Say no to the cake. You don't like the color bridesmaid dress your maid of honor picked? Say no to the dress. You don't know a majority of the guests your parents have added to the invite list? Say no. Now, I'm not endorsing bridezilla mode. I grew up in Mississippi and learned the fine art of southern hospitality. This means declining offers with grace. "No" and "Thank You" should always be paired together and topped off with a sweet smile. Take charge of your own wedding...with graciousness, of course.

2. Feeling Like A Three-Ring Circus? Take a step back. Prioritize. What is really important? Hopefully #1 on your list is making a very serious and life-long commitment to the one you love. After that I'm sure you want your family and friends to have the time of their lives. What about eloping? Get a gorgeous vacation rental and bring only the closest of your circle. Spend a week connecting and making memories. Circus feeling? Extinguished.

3. Shameless Plug...Hire Professionals! I read a horrible article recently that urged brides to use silk flowers and to lie to their vendors about what the event really was (don't say "wedding", say "party"). The real trick is to hire professionals who take pride in what they do! Who are pillars of integrity. Whose passion in life is to create a dream day for you. Yes, it's going to cost a little more. I say "a little" because really, DIY can cost just as much once all is said and done...not to mention the stress you put yourself through. "You get what you pay for" is, unfortunately, too true. And hiring someone to watch out for you, which is my job, is worth its weight in gold. We become your champion...which can be missing sometimes in this process.

Basically? Keep your eye on the prize, don't get trampled on by friends, family or vendors and hire professionals. Simple right? No? Well, that's what I'm here for.

Happy Monday, beauties!

Collage Creds: Carmel Valley Ranch guest room, Bouquet & Floral Crown by Connie Moore, Fondly Forever Photography, Carmel State Beach, Cypress Inn, Mike Steelman Photographers